Sasha in Housewife One on One.

Sasha in Housewife One on One.

ssordide said: What's your favorite Sasha interview or quote?!? I love how you've been responding to people with little video clips. I LOL'd.

Probably the one on my main page. <3 It completely expresses what she’s about. Hahaha, yeah. Some people just send me “wise” and sweet comments or questions so I like to respond in a fun manner. ;P

Anonymous said: I saw someone at Disneyland the other day who looked like you..kind of.

Awwe. <3

Anonymous said: Besides Sasha, who are some of your other favorite porn stars, men or women? Also, are you interested in the porn industry besides Sasha Grey, such as working in the industry as an actress or something? Or are you just a fan of Sasha Grey?

Some of my favorites besides Sasha (being my first favorite) to narrow it down female wise would be Andy San Dimas, Belladonna, Krystal Steal, Lela Star, Lexi Belle, Mia Rose, Riley Steele and Stoya. Male wise, my favorite is Manuel Ferrara but I also love Steven St. Croix and James Deen.

I had thought about being an adult performer once but not so much anymore. I’d actually love to do make-up for adult stars, though. I want to work in the sex industry, I know that much. And yes— I’m a big fan. <333

Could someone do me a favor?

I totally fucked up my original photo from Sasha’s Penthouse set where my icon is from. Could someone please send me the original photo? I’d appreciate it GREATLY.

You guys should follow my new best friend. ♥

Anonymous said: u like sasha and sex a bit TOO much.

dirtyhands-cleansouls-deactivat said: "You are so sweet! <333"

Only for you Dear

butwhynotzoidberg-deactivated20 said: Where are you getting all these Sasha Grey Gifs?

Tumblogs! :)

Anonymous said: Could you come over to my house and get naked? I just wanna see your body in person, not just on your videos. It will make it so much easier to masturbate.

Anonymous said: Haha. How many creeps responded when you asked for their AIM?

No creeps. Just one person.

Anonymous said: could you upload a video singing?

fuckyeahmaxwelledison said: I'm guessing Greyface IS 14, hence the grey face.

Whaaa? o_o